Five reasons you should buy from independent jewellery brands

Five reasons you should buy from independent jewellery brands
Not all jewellery is created equal. In fact, much of the jewellery available in fashion stores are actually mass-produced with cheap materials. At Magpiette, we are strong believers in buying independent and supporting individual brands... and here are five reasons why you should too:
    1. Support jewellery craftsmanship. By buying independent, you are directly supporting artists who have developed and honed their skills, rather than some faceless corporation using machines or cheap offshore labour. And whilst it's always great to support small businesses, it's more important than ever right now with the current global crisis - your purchase is directly supporting someone's livelihood.
    2. Care throughout the whole process. Buying independent means you are investing in the entire process of having something designed and made from scratch. Usually, your piece is carefully created by one person, using traditional silversmithing techniques and tools, making it that much more special (and better quality) than something machine-made.
    3. Quality materials. Most independent designers use sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver (at minimum) instead of cheap base metals, which means the jewellery won’t turn your skin green or cause irritation like some cheaper mass-produced items.
    4. Discover different styles and finishes. There are so many designers to discover, all of whom have unique styles of jewellery that differ from the ubiquitous designs of mass-produced jewellery brands. There are also lots of different finishes which can be achieved in a workshop, such as hammered, satin, and textured finishes that add another layer of personality.
    5. Own something completely unique. Finally, most independent jewellery designers also offer bespoke services. So if you want something even more unique and one-off, you can arrange to create something you've had your heart set on, and watch as they turn it into reality. If you don't know where to start, get in touch with us via our free personal shopper advisory service, and we can help you find the perfect designer to make your bespoke piece.
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