Fresh jewels and ethical gems are coming in hot

Fresh jewels and ethical gems are coming in hot

We're launching a series of one-off jewellery pieces, dropping every six weeks, so you can own a truly unique piece. Made from ethically-sourced gemstones and solid gold, each design is a complete original that is precious both in nature and design.

This week, Magpiette has released a one-of-a-kind jewellery collection that kicks off our newly announced series, ‘Moments’. Every six weeks, we'll be releasing a capsule collection of one-off pieces that are completely unique - allowing us to showcase the natural beauty of precious coloured gems.

Our first 'Moments' drop of colourful cluster rings draws inspiration from the sapphire, loved for its beauty, durability and symbolism. Sapphires have long been associated with wisdom, truth, and loyalty, making them an ideal choice for a treasured heirloom piece. They are one of the hardest gemstones (second only to diamonds), available in a wide range of colours, including the pinks, purples and greens used in this collection, and prized for their exceptional clarity and brilliance which gives them a captivating sparkle and shine.


A gold cluster ring of pink and purple sapphires sits on white fabric

The Tropical Sunrise cluster ring features a pink / violet sapphire, champagne garnet and pink sapphire.


Research reveals Gemstone jewellery has been rapidly growing in popularity, with Australians buying 28% more than 2 years ago, whilst sales of diamond jewellery have gone down 16% in the same period*

Tapping into Australia’s growing love of precious gemstones, Magpiette’s one-of-a-kind pieces also feature natural emerald, spinel, tourmaline and zircon, many of which are in fact rarer than diamonds, whilst generally having a more traceable and ethical supply chain. 


A gold cluster ring featuring a multi-coloured sapphire alongside brown and green gems, on white fabric

The Mint Chocolate cluster ring features the most unusual and mysterious part-sapphire we've encountered - reflecting brown, green, purple and red in different light. 


We've been so delighted with the feedback on our debut collection, 'Presence' of solid gold jewellery and the super limited, one-of-a-kind pieces we designed alongside it. 'Presence' was about creating jewellery with meaning, for those special milestones and relationships, and now 'Moments' is a chance to continue to offer truly exclusive one-off heirloom pieces, that can celebrate a moment in your life.

Check out the Moments collection or head to our Instagram to have your say in our upcoming collections and for sneak previews.

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